Sunday, July 5, 2009

things you should have in your kitchen

I gotta stop eating out so much. I'm trying to encourage others to do the same. Eating in saves money and opens up opportunities to have pot lucks and dinners with your close neighbors, special others and friends. This is a list of basic, not quickly perishable items every young and or single adult should have in their kitchen. I'll div out quick recipes later. Stock up now.

Pasta-Rotini or Zita, Brand doesn't matter. Cheap is always good.
2. Instant (5 minute) Rice- Uncle Ben makes some baller Minute Rice, there are also off brands. To say on the healthier side of things go for Brown rice.
3. Jar of Chunky Veggie Tomato Pasta Sauce- Depending on how you use it brand doesn't matter, the store brand will be less thick than the name brand. In some dishes it doesn't matter. In some it does.
4. Cans of Black Beans-these never go bad so stock up. Goya is Clutch.
5. Kale-an awesome and delicious green veggie that is sold in bunches. It takes forever to go bad, wash before use.
6. Eggs-Did you know that eggs can keep up to three weeks when boiled. I wouldn't eat them, but its whatever.
7. Ground Beef- buy the family size separate it, freeze, defrost as needed.
8. Chicken-see Beef- drumsticks and breast.
9. Tofu if you are a Veggie Head-keeps.
10. Frozen Vegetables-CLUTCH to maintaining healthy eatting in a fast pace single life. They don't go bad, and you can buy crucial mixes. Get a Stew vegetable mix, a stir fry veggie mix, peppers mix,and singles of whatever Broccoli, Spinach, Green Beans, Okra, Potatoes, WHATEVER. Bags over Boxes. Fruit is also available, awesome for smoothies if you have a blender. Brand isn't pressing
11. Barbecue Sauce- it should be a basic condiment like ketchup, Spicy Mustard, Hot Sauce, Virgin Olive Oil, crushed Italian seasoning, old bay, salt and, red or black pepper. (you should have all of these things)
12. Cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup-it won't go bad, it always comes in handy
13. Cans or packets of Tuna and or Salmon-banging Omega 3
14 Shredded Cheese-Blended is good. Doesn't last forever, watch for moister.
15. Garlic Clove-last a super long time

Notables but not required

1. Ramen Noddles-don't over do them. Drain once to wash away starch and MSG
2. Frozen Pizzas-Some frozen pizzas Do taste better than delivery.
3. Papa Luigi's Frozen Meatballs-rare, found at Shoppers usually around a buck. Good for parties and snacks.
4. Head of lettuce - Don't do bag, it wilts quickly, go for fresh iceburg, bibb, arugula, field greens, spinach.
5. Dressing-Blue Cheese and/or Ranch, maybe Italian
6. Tomatoes-go bad quickly, watch 'em
7. Red Onion
8. Avocados-
fatty, packed with protein and GUACAMOLE! ask someone for help when buying. Timing is everything with these fruits
9. Bread and Flour Tortilla- Wheat or Grain, fresh tortillas bagged.
10. Yogurt-Plain or Vanilla, good in the morning, add fruit, or granola, or add to smoothies.
11. Nature Valley Granola Bars
12. Pillsbury Biscuits, pop and bake

Stock Up
Stay Tuned

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