Friday, December 28, 2007

GO Morgantown!!!

Its been seven seasons, 4 Big East Championships and an awesome 60-29 record for West Virgina but as of December 19th 2007 Rich Rodriguez is no longer the Head Coach of the Mountaineers' (Merry Christmas!) football team.

So what do the smart folk at UWV do, SUE HIM!
UWV believes that Rodriguez is responsible for paying back 4 million dollars of the contract HE terminated to coach elsewhere; one-third they say, should be paid by mid January.

Honestly is that such a bad idea! I mean hell i am living in Atlanta right now, we lost Vic, we lost Petrino, thats over 15 millions dollars out of the falcons and Mr. Blanks pocket lets sue those guys!

Alright Holla

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