Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Washingtonians are Snow "Wimps" -LaCha says "not cool"


This isnt the city of Chicago. This is Washington DC, which isn't just the city of Washington DC, but parts of Maryland and Virgina. What percentage of "residents" (me included) are not familiar with commuting in icy conditions? Closing schools minimizes the amount of unsafe and uninsured drivers on the road, and the drivers that slide around on bald tires.
The most annoying part of DC are the tourist. Washingtonians have their way of doing things and have been doing them this way longer than any other city. Its not respectful to move into a tiny city and start calling your neighbors wimps. And i hope no one in DC(MD/VA) public schools takes his advice. And is ok. I understand President Obama, it takes some time for the Washington mindset to kick into Newbies ;-)

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