Thursday, March 19, 2009



Oylema, two blocks down from the south entrance of Gallery Place Chinatown.
Party of Four, one arrived late.

I discovered this small spot on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations late one night. I've been craving mexican, El Som really, so i decided to try out this "modern" mexican spot.
Food is delicious but presumptuous. There is no salt, pepper or hot sauce on the table.
The Drinks, over priced and over rated. Nitrogen infused salt rim on the tables margaritas. Nice to look at, but does not reason the inflated price-though i did get a buzz off of one drink.
PLUS: AWESOME vegetarian menus, ascetically pleasing wait staff. Starting a Bar only happy hour on March 23!
MINUS: Menu is hard to read after a hard days work, the font style is Overly Avante Gande. The bussers are super aggressive to the point where they will clear your food and overpriced drink before you are done with it

over all three out of five. worth checking out, but highly unlikely you'll make it your regular spot.

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