Saturday, September 5, 2009

Call me the yes man

I went camping this week just like the good ole days. Last minute decisions, shoty packing job, low on cash.
I won't go into the trip but Sarah said something "the mayan calendar says the world is gonna end in 2012."
That got me thinking-what if it does, I shouldn't let any chance go by.
Fast Forward.

I get a call at 4:30. I don't know who it is- 'maybe...' I thought for a second. I let it ring. I answer.
I have no clue who it is.
"Lauuuurrrreeeenn what are you doing tonight?"
I say, "Who is this?"
"Lauuuurrrreeeenn what are you doing tonight?"
"Yo man I don't know who this -"
"Lauuuurrrreeeenn what are you doing tonight? Its Toooommommy! You wantta do security?"
Now I'm thinking 'WTF?'. "Tommy how did you get my number?"
"Don't worry about it you've worked security before right?"
'I've never worked security before, hell I weigh 140 with weights in my pocket'.
"Yea sure Tommy I've worked security..."
"Alright," he says, he believes me! "Be at D.C. Star by 9."
"Okay Tommy"
'Uhhh what am I thinking?!?!'

Didn't ask how much, didn't ask him when it ends, just going with the flow.

I really hope I don't get my ass kicked

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