Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Disgust - Westboro Baptist "Church" does it again

Few things make me sick to my stomach...Christians that use their abridged version of the bible to judge and hate on others ( DOMA what? ) is one of those things.  Unless you've never sinned you have no right to judge. But this goes beyond judgement. This is hate, plain and simple.

I wish I was in Arizona to help protect the honor of these brave Wildland firefighters.

'If DeFord and these others really are "in hell's fire" I guarantee they almost have it out' - Jesse Gillespie

The Westboro Baptist Church are planning on attending the funerals of the 19 firefighters in Arizona. This is a call for the brotherhood across the country. If you are planning on attending the Funeral to honor our heroes, please coordinate the usual sea of blue in front of all picketers. Remain peaceful & simply block the families from having to see the ignorant people occupying space on this planet. This is a time for mourning the Supreme Sacrifice our brotherhood has made.

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