Wednesday, January 30, 2008

hmm 2008, sorry obama, No way Hussein

Am i the only person worried about the 2008 election? I am the only one that notices that NO ONE seems fit to lead this country out of Iraq, out of poverty, in to a clean environment, in to a place where everyone gets education, and health care (NOT illegals, yes i said it).

I talked to my grandmother after the Howard University Democratic open forum. I asked her about the candidates thinkin surely she'll go for Obama. "What are you kidding" she yelled so loud i held the phone away "if he gets into office they'll kill him!" My first thought "Damn that was harsh," but then i figured it out. This woman remembers when blacks were not allowed to vote. She saw four activist, or politicians get shot down the same decade; all of her children (my mother and uncles)arrested for sitting at a diner, i understood where she was coming from.

I'm leaning towards the republicans this election, but that is mainly because i don't trust the office hungry Democrats. Keep your fingers cross folks. Its gonna be a close one.

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