Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Little Frustrated

OK, i've said it before: I'm 24, almost 25, dual degreed, and i'm not to shabby on my feet. Still i can't find a decent job, and when i do (i.e the Legislative Analysts job in Dekalb County) the position is saturated with other "qualified applicants," so they send me a telegram saying they'll let me know if they need me.
Americorp was great, tried working with P.I.R.G., You know, try to do good for my environment and myself, but volunteer and non-profit work doesn't pay rent.
Money I NEED IT!
Truck is Dead, can't get to work til i make money to fix it?! Digest that. "Buy a new one La" yea, ok folk and kiss Georgetown and Law school goodbye for the next five years hmmm, greaaaaat, at least I'll look cool in my Ford Escape, or whatever... talk about a two-sided coin.
Is it the economy? It can't just be outsourcing, though how i despise thee, or the stock market, or the housing market. Is it Atlanta? Is it me? its me isn't it?

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