Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day To ALL

Happy Mother's Day! Feliz Dia de Madre!
Mom, Grandma, Carmen, Aunt Marylin, Aunt Sharon, Aunt Shelby, Jess (x2), Ashleigh, Karen and Alison TODO!!!

I have to send a special "Happy Mother's Day" to Taylor down in the TX! Taylor is a new mother and she has her hands full! She is busy with her beautiful new born daughter, school and trying to find a place to live. Maybe you can help her out.*


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Date: 2009-05-06, 2:18PM CDT
Hello my name is Taylor and I am looking for somewhere to live that will allow kids and my dog Coley shes 6 weeks old at the moment and should get to be 30 ponds max. I really need somewhere to live my boyfriend and I currently broke up and he wants me to move out of our apartment after I come back from a trip I am taking to Minnesota this June. ill be back on the 15th maybe sooner so i would like to meet some people and talk about living situation and if myself and my daughter would feel comfortable living there. I am very kind dont mind smoking would prefer a place where smoking is done outside for my daughters sake. I am 17 years old will be 18 in november this year. I graduated from high school a year and a half early. I am very responsible and pay rent on time every time. I would prefer to move somewhere that I wouldnt have to be on a lease just incase I decide to move again. Maybe a month to month lease agreement? I would like to pay $400 a month including utilties for a 1 bedroom maybe even a bathroom just for us. If you have anything that is pretty big and has a nice size closet for my daughter and I's belongs that would be nice. But I'm open minded just need somewhere to live really. Theres a pic of me and my daughter at the bottom we both look different than that now but very similar and a pic i got of the internet of a pup that looks just like mine but mine doesnt have a white chin.
Thank you for your time


Mother's and people with kind hearts if you have any help for her advice, network, cash flow, baby stuff let me know i'll let her know .

I love you Mom(s)!

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