Monday, March 15, 2010

HotBoxer: Dubbed "the 'weirdest' political ad ever"


Best Opinion:  SF Gate, The Hill, Mediaite
So you thought the "Demon Sheep" TV spot was the "weirdest" political ad you'd ever seen? Just wait until you see "Hindenboxer" - a surreal 7-and-a-half minute spot portraying Democratic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer as a "dirigible full of hot air" launching from Capitol Hill and floating towards California. Both ads were made by political ad guru Fred Davis III for Carly Fiorina, the GOP candidate running for Boxer's senate seat. Commentators have been discussing the spot since it appeared over the weekend: Kudos to Fiorina, says Aaron Blake at The Hill. The point of a web video is to get people talking — and Davis and Fiorina are doing just that. While this "Terry Gilliam-wannabe ad" is undoubtedly "very, very weird," says Drew Grant at Mediaite, keep in mind "30% of Republican voters remain undecided." Can even more bizarre ads be far off?

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