Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good Cop Bad Cop goes to a New Level

 If you have been to the South and have had an encounter with police you know that 9 times out of 10 police stops will end badly.  If are were lucky, you got pulled over by a down to earth officer who let you off with some advice, a warning and a blessing. But more than likely, you encountered the meat head officer, who, after getting off the high of being a big shot in high school, entered the police force with the same "I'm the shit" mentality.

Meet Officer David Stewart (Good Cop)
and Officer Brian Harrison (Bad Cop)

Please listen carefully to this encounter that took place last year in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

S. You were swerving back there like you were trying to hit somebody.
H. I didn't try to hit no body If I wanted to $%*# hit somebody I would have $%*# hit somebody.
S. Brother, you have that big of a damn issue?
H. With what?
S. With everything,The world?!
H. No, not at all
S. You were going 80 on a 45.
H. That don't make no difference. I don't $%*# care that shouldn't bother you
S. My kids are out on this road
H. I don't care.
S. That's exactly right, that is the problem with the world, that is the problem with police officers like you. You outta not be a police officer...

My hat goes off to Officer Stewart. You are 100% correct. Apathy is what is wrong with this world.

The traffic stop, which occurred April 30, 2012, led to a verbal counseling for both officers.It is important to note that later that day Harrison took it upon himself to email Stewart  

"..I understand you are new and want to pull everyone over but please … sometimes give it a rest...The best thing you could have done was get on I-12 and go to work"

In a statement after his counseling Harrison said:

"[My] stemmed from the fact that the traffic stop was conducted by a law enforcement officer who was not only outside his jurisdiction, but also outside the parish in which he was commissioned in....I could have conducted myself in a more professional manner. The actions I displayed in that video are not how I carry myself in my day to day life or when I’m on duty with the police department. My choice of language used was a misjudgment on my part and I would like to assure the public that I carry myself with the utmost of professionalism when representing the Baton Rouge Police Department.”

Harrison got a slap on the wrist for this..which is bullshit. He should be fired for his dangerous behavior and for his disregard for the safety of other drivers.

Sidenote: In 2006 Harrison was involved in the controversial shooting of George Temple II. Harrison pulled Temple over for cutting off a funeral procession, they fought in a parking lot and Temple was shot five times. Once by Harrison, four times (including one to the head) by a bystander.......i guess at someone point Harrison 'want[ed] to pull everyone over' too.    

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