Tuesday, June 25, 2013



Ha, yea I said it! And what i can say it because i'm black right?  But Paula Deen can't cause she is an old white woman from the south.  Right?

Its not that simple. What is simple enough is that the word Nigger is the most offensive word in American history. Unlike other racial slurs Nigger, was solely devised to negatively describe Black Americans.  It is not a spin off of a word, or once a harmless characteristc. It is not okay for anyone to use the word, regardless of race, cultural background, education or lack there of, etc.
But lets take it a step further..

White Friends, just so you know it is offensive to commonly compare someone's skin colour as 'Black as that board".. or black anything..because when you do, you instantly note that you, as a white person, see first, and foremost, our "differences." We are not novelties. Paula, who up into a to recent past asked that her black employees to dress as slaves for parties. Who wanted a Plantation style wedding for her son( ie SLAVES) She also openly admits that her Grandfather wanted the South to win the Civil War so that he could hold on to his workers..Not workers Paula, SLAVES.
But realically, Paula Deen is outdated (no pun intended), in the days of Yoga and Gluten Free, Vegan living, what place do we really have for a butter loving chef? None.

What is about food that brings out the racist?


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