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PATC Olive Green Cabin

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Olive Green's Snapshot

Location: 68 miles north of Washington D.C. via 270N and 15W
Type: Primitive, Public (Open to Non-PATC Members)
Max Capacity: 4
Hike in: None, there is a driveway and a pull off area for one 4x4 vehicle just past the cabin and fire ring.
Hike to AT: None
Cost: $20/$30
Pets Allowed: No
Closest town: Thurmont, MD 

Tucked away just pass the William Houck Camp Area in Maryland's Cunningham Falls State Park is the Potomac Appalachians Trail Club's Olive Green Cabin. The cabin, built in 1871, was donated to the PATC in 1986.

Downstairs is a wood burning stove, picnic table, chairs as well as basic cookware: pots, pans and silverware. The one window lets plenty of light in during the morning hours.

Upstairs there is ample floor space, as well as four mattress pads and two bed frames. PATC says maximum capacity is 4 but really this cabin is ideal for three close friends, a couple, or a couple with two kids. There are two windows upstairs. I recommend opening these windows upon arrival as it gets stuffy upstairs, especially when using the stove. 

Directly outside of the cabin you will find a deck and another picnic table. Inside the "User" shed is a lawnmower and bow saws. (the PATC no longer leaves axes). Next to the parking area is a fire ring and further along the way is a place to do your business.

Behind the cabin and past the driveway you'll find a trail to a stream. Perfect area to rinse dishes and yourself. You can follow the stream for a little hike. Also, down the road from the cabin (in walking distance) is an AWESOME lake with a dock.

For some it is important to note that this cabin is IN a state park and off of a main road. Rangers and Maryland NRP will not come to the cabin unless they have a reason to.

Another first night there I heard a crazy sound, it happened throughout the kinda sounded like a high pitch scream or screech but not of the human sort..I searched around the "interweb" and seems a few people around Catoctin Mountain have heard the sounds. (Update 8/22/13 they are screech owls! Duh)

As always, leave the cabin cleaner than you found it, leave more fire wood than you burn, never leave food, Be Safe; Have Fun

Dozens of Tiger Swallowtails 

There is a lawn mower, feel free to trim the yard

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