Thursday, August 15, 2013

PATC Pocosin Cabin


Pocosin's Snapshot

Location:114 miles southwest of Washington D.C. via 66W and Skyline Drive or 81S
Type: Primitive, Public (Open to Non-PATC Members)
Max Capacity: 8 (24)
Hike in: 0.2 mile IF Skyline drive is open,  close to 3.5 if Skyline Drive is closed
Hike to AT: 0.1 mile
Cost: $30/$45
Pets Allowed:Yes
Closest town: Elkton, VA

Built in 1937 by the Civilian Conservation Corp, Pocosin is an awesome cabin for any camper, or Appalachian trail hiker. As long as Skyline Drive is open (and you pay the fee to access it) you can park as many as six cars 0.2 miles away from the cabin. However if Skyline is closed or you don't want to pay the fee, then you will have to hike in appx 3.5 miles. I could be wrong about this distance..but I know from it definitely took 3 hours in the snow.  If you are hiking the Appalachian trail you will love this cabin because of its location to the trail.

Inside there are three large bunk beds. Really each bed can sleep two. There are no rails on the top bunk so mobile sleepers beware. There is a little area for kitchen supplies, as well as a wood burning stove.

Outside is an Awesomely large fireplace and a picnic table. The front area overlooks the Shenandoah Valley. Down from the cabin is the latrine as well as a stream.

Other information:
Video about Pocosin

As always, leave the cabin cleaner than you found it, leave more fire wood than you burn, never leave food, Be Safe; Have Fun.

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