Friday, March 11, 2011

Drug Bust Heard Round The World: Baltimore lives up to its Image (as presented in The Wire

Drug Bust Heard Round the World
Baltimore lives up to its image (as presented in The Wire)
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During the early hours, on the morning  March 10, 2011, close to 450 Baltimore City Police and Swat team members executed 40 search warrants (raids) which resulted in 63 arrest including the arrest of actress Felicia "Snoop" Pearson from the Wire.
( Kim Hairston, Baltimore Sun / March 10, 2011 )

The raids are the result of a 5ive month investigation by Baltimore City Police, the Maryland Drug Enforcement Administration and the Maryland's Attorney General Office. Police confiscated four (4) guns, 5ive pounds of marijuana and 5ive grams of raw heroin, this according to Baltimore City Police Commissioner Bealefeld.  The city hopes that this well put wrench in the city's drug trade and violence emanating from North East Baltimore.  Areas raid include the infamous Latrobe homes and the Redwood apartment building on South Eutaw.

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