Thursday, April 9, 2009

Government Employment Insurance Company


Big Ups to Geico!
I just switched to the big G less than a month ago.
Two years ago MaJa borrowed my truck and wrecked it! When i arrived at the accident i was greeted first by a very nice cop (who was worried i was going to snap but i didn't) second via the phone an awesome Gieco representative (the girl who hit Batman had Geico) who told me everything -my truck, my rental car, maja-would be taken care of
After three weeks and a custom built bummer later i got my Batmobile truck back as if nothing happened, i even got a 50 dollar check for my custom Batman plate.
I never forgot how easy and effortless the process was.

Geico has some awesome commercials, but that is not why i joined them. I am protected in 49 states (minus Mass and i don't know why) i have 24 hour support and I KNOW that they have my back...Progressive didn't have my back after i totaled my Zek (my civic), SafeAuto barely had my back when i finally totalled Batman (my truck). But Geico? They f-ing ROCK!
And they use awesome music in their advertising campaigns

and good ole Royksopp

I don't know if you'll save money with Geico-i guess that depends on who you are currently with-but i know Geico will always have your back!

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