Thursday, April 16, 2009 I take the ear buds out...

This week I did something I vowed to never do: I wore ear buds while riding metro.
Before when i was adverse to the idea i would think, "why not enjoy your surroundings? Why not bask in the sounds and visuals of the day?"
But after a year of listening simultaneously to the echos of 10 other peoples ear buds a day and the screaming and swearing of the well raised D.C. youth i changed my mind.
But maybe not so much

On an unrelated note i've been questioning random distant connections. When you live in a dense area-a college campus, a major city or town- you interact with SO many people for brief seconds of time. I'm referring to those instances when you glance over your right shoulder and happen to lock eyes with some glancing over their left shoulder-and then it is over. You may take a second glance, its usually not romantic, it is just a quick, random connection.


After work i throw in the buds and jump on Metro-btw there are ALOT of tourist out today-and as i board the train i notice a tiny girl in full chef attire with tools. I sit down, she sits down next to me soo i take the ear buds out while asking "Chef or student?" We talked the Entire ride. I missed my stop talking to this girl A one point the guy next to us pulled out one his ear buds to join in the conversation. Nothing romatic, she wasn't trying to sell me anything just awesome honest converstion. A converstion that would have never happened if i left my buds in.

Its a BEAUTIFUL day in the D.C. area take advantage of it!

"you want someone you know but never talk to past 'hello' " ~lisa Jaeggi

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  1. that is the best thing about traveling around- the great people you meet and instant connections you make.

    on another note, I have to say that the headphones that go over your ears are much better for your hearing in the long-term than ear buds.


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