Wednesday, April 8, 2009

EPD Environmental Poser Disorder

By LaChaBenn for

Environmental Poser Disorder: (noun) \in-ˈvī-rə(n-mənt(n)-'tal\ \ˈpō-zər\ orgin lachabenn

Environmental posers are the biggest threat to the environment. EPs commit to sporadic "large" acts towards helping the planet but do not make changes in everyday life. It is easy to over come EPD. In some cases EPD can be treated by simple changes in habits. In moderate to severe cases of EPD intervention is needed. Its time for every individual to take responsibility and action to protect this planet. Confront a friend, or confront self.
Side effects to EPD include

  • leaving the faucets on while brushing teeth,
  • passing by/ignoring liter in the neighborhood
  • leaving bathroom fans on and house lights on upwards to 12 hours for zero reason
  • throwing cigarette butts out of car windows and into lawns
  • Using large amounts of waste products: access toilet paper, paper towels, doing access laundry runs at high temps and water levels

There is Help

~Take a Leave No Trace Course

~Don't leave the water on full pressure for anything- leave the water running for one minute full pressure you are using up to five gallons of clean H2O.

~Turn lights off when you leave the room don't run unnecessary appliance for unnecessary amounts of time. If you own a home invest in energy efficient appliances and receive a tax credit at the end of the year AND save money and energy every month. If you rent trying buying fluorescent bulb. They use a fifth of energy and a tenth of the heat to generate the same amount of light as traditional incandescent bulb
~Keep a cigarette butt container near your popular smoking areas, use the container NOT mother
earth. Cigarettes are not Biodegradable. EVER

~Commit to a Conservation Corps (like MCC, CYCC, SCC) or a clean up project at a local water way or park

~Use Cloth bags at the grocery store. You already have a ton of plastic bags at home? Some markets collect and recycle used plastic bags.

Don't Pose, admit if you are unclear on what steps you can take to save the environment for that is the first step!


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