Saturday, April 25, 2009

opps-take 2


sorry guys i thought i published a post about the Bar Louie 2009 Rock the Tots competition last night. Yours truly was a paramedic and i am happy to report that no one died!
Congrats to Jared for winning the BL employee TTEC and Congrats to Big Bess on winning the overall TTEC by eating 2.8 pounds of tater tots.

On another note. I am gearing up to work with the guys at That Fresh Radio Piece to host a show on renters rights and the lack there of. We recently discovered that our house is being foreclosed on because our landlord Licensed Long and Foster Agent Charles "Chuck" Bailey intentionally did so. What did he do with the money? That doesn't matter. The fact is someone sought to took their negative karma and passed it onto others and across the country honest people are being screwed over by greedy predators out for their self interest. There are few rights protecting renters and that must change. Renters need justice, and the dishonest unAmericans who are taking advantage of their neighbors need to be called out, abashed.

This week-end
  • Caps are playing the Rangers for their Fifth do or die playoff game. (0-4 on to game six Sunday NY)
  • Good luck to everyone doing the 25 mile ROAR for Autism
  • NBA playoffs games -LETS GO CAVS!!
  • Awesome weather PLAY OUTSIDE!
  • Bar Louie Beer of the Month is still Sam Adams. Thats Boston, light and seasonal brew uh Summer Ale?
  • CD Release Party for DJ Trayze's 2009 Spring Dance Mix Sat at The Lucky Bar in Dupont FREE, 21 and up...always a crowd
  • Sunday at Drunk Unicorn (MJQ!) in Atlanta, Murder Junkies, Damage Report and others $10 maybe slow this week. As always i will try to keep that Fresh Blog Piece but i want to deliver an awesome Landlord Tenent segment "The Man." And real talk i'm not in the best place right now mentally or spiritually (inside i'm steamed about being deceived about my housing situation); i need to get back to peace.
Much love

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