Monday, April 27, 2009


Major congrats, and confusion, to Matthew Stafford first round NUMBER ONE DRAFT PICK fresh from UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA (daaah dah dah daaah dah dah dah BULL-DOGS!) also Congrats to the Five other Bulldogs ( college with the third most players drafted this year) Knowshon Moreno, Mohamed Massaquoi, Asher Allen, Corvey Irvin and Jaruis Wynn.

I'd also like to call attention to the SEC presents in the first round and throughout the draft pick!

This years draft pick was not out of the ordinary less a few trades up. Everyone went where they were suppose to go, when they were suppose to go minus major notable Mark Sanchez of USCali who went to the NY Jets (who had B. Rrave for a year remember? No?...its ok, its not worth remembering) after the Jets traded their pick to the Cleveland Browns (who got Brady Quinn, quaterback out of N Dame, last year and who still have Anderson starting) for two second round picks and a handful of players.

here is the first round NFL 2009 draft pick...dirty Sanchez?

1 (1)LionsStafford, MatthewQB6'2"225Georgia

2 (2)RamsSmith, JasonOT6'5"309Baylor

3 (3)ChiefsJackson, TysonDE6'4"295LSU

4 (4)SeahawksCurry, AaronOLB6'2"254Wake Forest

5 (5)Jets (From Browns)Sanchez, MarkQB6'2"227Southern Cal

6 (6)BengalsSmith, AndreOT6'4"332Alabama

(7)RaidersHeyward-Bey, DarriusWR6'2"210Maryland

(8)JaguarsMonroe, EugeneOT6'5"309Virginia


9 (9)PackersRaji, B.J.DT6'2"337Boston College

10 (10)49ersCrabtree, MichaelWR6'2"215Texas Tech

11 (11)BillsMaybin, AaronDE6'4"249Penn State

12 (12)BroncosMoreno, KnowshonRB5'11"217Georgia

13 (13)RedskinsOrakpo, BrianDE6'3"263Texas

14 (14)SaintsJenkins, MalcolmCB6'0"204Ohio State

15 (15)TexansCushing, BrianOLB6'3"243Southern Cal

16 (16)ChargersEnglish, LarryDE6'2"274Northern Illinois

17 (17)Buccaneers (From Jets through Browns)Freeman, JoshQB6'6"248Kansas State

18 (18)Broncos (From Bears)Ayers, RobertLB6'3"272Tennessee

19 (19)Eagles (From Buccaneers through Browns)Maclin, JeremyWR6'0"198Missouri

20 (20)Lions (From Cowboys)Pettigrew, BrandonTE6'5"263Oklahoma State

21 (21)Browns (From Eagles)Mack, AlexC6'4"311California

22 (22)VikingsHarvin, PercyWR5'11"192Florida

23 (23)Ravens (From Patriots)Oher, MichaelOT6'5"309Mississippi

24 (24)FalconsJerry, PeriaDT6'2"299Mississippi

25 (25)DolphinsDavis, VontaeCB5'11"203Illinois

26 (26)Packers (From Ravens through Patriots)Matthews, ClayOLB6'3"240Southern Cal

27 (27)ColtsBrown, DonaldRB5'10"210Connecticut

28 (28)Bills (From Panthers through Eagles)Wood, EricC6'4"310Louisville

29 (29)GiantsNicks, HakeemWR6'1"212North Carolina


30 (30)TitansBritt, KennyWR6'3"218Rutgers


31 (31)CardinalsWells, ChrisRB6'1"235Ohio State

32 (32)SteelersHood, EvanderDT6'3"300Missouri

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